Below, a spiritual effort to protect the lives of 300 million Americans and preserve international stability. The story, rushed and imperfect, suffices to drive the point. As you may imagine, it is difficult to tweet a complex topic and, of course, it took far more effort to shield our people from a nuclear government seemingly ready to retaliate on valid military grounds. I spent much of 2022 and 2023 keeping vigil over US & EU. On subsequent pages, I delve into argument, detail and behind the scenes aspects of the war in Ukraine.

     I've always loved children and animals, but as a Biochemistry student, a peek into the biological cell ushered in a deep sense of reverence for life. So, when 3 spiders housed on my windows, I couldn't help but pause to admire my guests. Then the war started, and personal experience began to align with a crisis halfway around the world. I am not religious, but frankly, the full force of my sixth sense dictated a "spider's web" might just be what a "bad Russian, in a tight spot, with access to nukes!" might need to keep it together. 

Our spotted friend joined us first in tweet 1d.

I expect I may always be areligious, but I believe religion and spirituality are phenomena that should become the focus of serious scientific study. The concepts made a life-or-death difference to US in the 22-24 phase of the war in Ukraine.  

Odds are quaint anecdotes were the planet's principal deterrent to RF's application of its "nuclear deterrent."  The aid packages to Ukraine proved a stack of nukes prevents nothing. Unless we compel our governments to address international problems with leadership and intellect, future generations will -from us inherit- but a "mad max" world or "a grim matter of time".  

Food for thought:

Should NATO admissions be allowed to stimulate wars? It's a good time to figure it out. Humanity won't survive end game engagements. 

Folks, are you ready to say goodbye to someone you love? Massive warfare will unavoidably lead to the draft. If Ukraine's model is followed, older men are likely to see the front as well.

@ancinet12000, I proposed a faithful plan to get Ukraine's lands back, spare the bloodshed, and through reason unify the planet. We have an opportunity to teach future generations to resort to intellect not muscle to sort out problems. Do we want humanity to stand the test of time or are we looking to finish her ourselves?