The following are a few MSN headlines, here but to give you an idea of how Ukraine, Russia and the US acknowledged receipt of my anecdotes. I elaborate further on the next page "Efforts to Reach the Media" but by no means exhaust the various government notes in reply to @ancient12000 content. I did not anticipate having to keep permanent war vigil and consistently tried to detach myself from the news. I likely noticed but a fraction of the applicable content. 


RF detained an Australian youtuber at the base of a rocket for 3 days.  “I am a youtuber, rockets are 1 of the 3 SYMBOLS appearing in my twitter story, alongside numbers 122, 24, 50. Z received Ms. Pelosi in a room decorated with fleur-de-lys, the 2nd symbol in my story. The video tweeted by Mr. Zelensky, and later edited, is explained in "Letter to Media". 

“United 24 (Ukraine)”

“a 24yo dead “Ukraine

January 22nd Ukraine’s new Unity Day starting 1.22.2023.

Ukraine shut down 24 RF planes.

Ukraine destroyed 50 RF tanks. I suspect the headlines were fictional.

Imagine Dragons “recruited?” by United 24 (I am a twitter follower and a superfan. :)

"Oasis "recruited?" by Ukraine. Champaigne Supernova had been previously integrated in a series of unusual anecdotes.

50-year-old tanks sent into Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

I began flooding the President's and Vice President's profiles with tweets & fliers and soon thereafter 50-year-old US tanks were also delivered to Ukraine.

A 24 billion dollars failed aid proposals to Ukraine.

50 of 60 billion aid for WEAPONS and war efforts to Ukraine.

Recently 424+ thousand Russians were reported to have died by Ukrainian media and Russia invented a new rocket model, number "69." 47 and 69 were much later additions, owned by story line. 

A 32323 deadline by RF. Palindromes make good tongue in chick threats. 23 is not a content number but the palindrome was probably war mischief, much like holding a You Tuber hostage at the base of a rocket. (The point was the headline contents not their factual accuracy.) Less than a week before the threat was issued, I had congratulated P for terminating the nuclear rhetoric (a pattern of psychological warfare not only dangerous in real time, but prone to teaching future generations potentially devastating war tactics.) Not much latter I had the privilege of reading an MSN headline roughly labeled "To those concerned over the absence of nuclear rhetoric... The stipulated deadline, 32323.

More detail on "4 the Media" page.