Our generations were conditioned to believe smart people become doctors, lawyers, etc. Mankind's progress is undermined by the "smart" lie. Everyone struggles sometimes. Excelling in school takes application, hard work, and curiosity. Smart too, is 99% perspiration, and the purpose of the school system should be to produce intelligent people, not precondition negative stereotypes. The attitudes are particularly damaging to modest Americans, as the parents may not have the resources to coach offspring through challenges. Consequently, youths give up and their potential is lost to humanity.

   The future of labor belongs to robotics and automation, the future of employment to education, science, technology and social services. To deliver excellence in training, and promote quality of character into critical office, we must ensure all students have equal access to learning materials. The most common complaint from Biochemistry students in UW was " we don't know how to study for this class." The students were onto something. The concepts are complex and learning through problem solving opportunities was terribly inadequate.

Please see flier for education  reform suggestions.  

While there is always room for improvement, I am not much preoccupied with the mathematics, physics, or general chemistry departments. Basic study resources (cohesive text and end of chapter/section problems) sufficed. However, there is much to be desired from Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, and generally younger branches of science. Coincidentally, students applying to these majors tend to seek access to medicine and research. 

      "The "smart" lie" is a You Tube video by 2youtext1. It makes an argument for an innovative, experimental set up in economics.