For those into an active presence, my blog page is up and running. 

     On page Y and X, I will show you what the government truly thinks of the value of our lives and individual potential.      Page Y, a known, highly probable serial crime against modest Washingtonians has been reinforced by elected officials. Thanks to the court system, an ongoing hazard to countless unsuspecting victims has been swept under the rug.

     Page X “The ‘smart” lie” and institutionalized college deception. The college system does not believe in individual potential. The mindset is that one attends college due to some inherent intellectual superiority. The truth is, those attending college are more likely to have come from some backgrounds than others. Higher learning has a lot less to do with intellect than it is commonly thought. Look around please. People with degrees have been running the systems. How are we doing? I say access to higher learning needs some serious revisions. Every individual has greater potential. The purpose of our schools ought to be figuring out how to harvest it to elevate the average IQ of populations.

Intellect, education and mental health. Do they look like national security topics? Well, they are, particularly for technologically advancing populations.

     Finally, I will ask, who represented WA in the US Senate for over two decades? Read pages WA1, WA2, and WA3, to find out how for 2+ years I’ve struggled to shelter our nation from the death sentence she keeps signing it. That is a Hyper War she works on provoking, and if you want to discuss right and wrong, please consider the start of the war in Ukraine. Nations cannot join NATO if they are at war. But it is OK to join to stimulate one? If you removed NATO from the equation, would there still be a war in Ukraine? Vladimir Putin would have certainly lacked a solid excuse to stage the incursion. And who pays for government mistakes? If the war and aid continue, the conflict is guaranteed to start claiming American lives. This kind of government acumen will not lead us into a bright future but into its obliteration.