Dear friend, please forward the following content to journalists and decision makers in your organization.

     ***Over the last 2 years the leadership of Ukraine and Russia frequently acknowledged an American’s twitter stories through MSN headlines.

     Topics in this contact:

     1. Social media anecdotes draw the attention of the governments of Ukraine, Russia and some NATO countries. 

     2. Institutionalized college deception. Common college practices affecting grades, scholarships and graduate school access.

     3. Housing, healthcare, the department of "justice?" and systemic crime. 

     4.Twitter silences a voice serving to preserve national security. 

     122, 24 and 50 are critical numbers in stories posted on social media by @ancient12000. Over the last 2 years, Ukraine and the Russian Federation have consistently acknowledged numbers and symbols appearing on the @ancient profile through war tactics and press releases. E.g.: 24 planes shut down by Ukraine. // 50 RF tanks bombed by Ua. (I expect both headlines were factually inaccurate.) // A 24 billion failed aid request by Ua. // January 22nd (122) Ukraine's new Unity Day was first adopted in 2023. // United 24, is a Ukrainian organization established at the start of the war. Think of me as a "hands-on" fan of Imagine Dragons, though it won't be clear at the moment as to why. Was Mr. Reynolds actively recruited by United 24? // How about Oasis? The link to the original video for Champaigne Supernova was integrated in my tales. It seems the band was later recruited to support the war. Oasis replaced the original music video with one in which yellow, blue and seemingly blood became central visual messages. // Only recently, some 424 + thousand Russians had died in the war according to Ukrainian media. Of course, the reliability of numbers in MSN headlines is highly questionable. // Numbers 47 and 69 were only much later claimed as critical components of the story. Eventually, a newly developed Russian missile, labeled 69, made the news. // 50-year-old tanks were sent into battles by Russia after the main anecdote was posted in 2022. // The US also sent 50-year-old tanks to Ukraine but only after I began reaching for the President’s and the Vice President’s twitter accounts. // Of a 60 billion aid request, 50 billion, to be allocated to weapons and war efforts. // However, to my disappointment, 19, a critical number to the story line has gone largely ignored.

     In 22, Z received Ms. Nancy Pelosi in a room decorated with fleur-de-lys, the second symbol appearing in the story line (between crosses and rockets.) The reception video, posted on You Tube and later edited, highlighted extremely unusual and highly jittery camera action as it focused on Mr. Zelensky taking a seat. The erratic focus was designed to stimulate attentiveness to the scene. Behind Mr. Zelensky’s shoulders, a fireplace mantel decorated on corners with fleur-de-lys.       Early in the war Mr. Zelensky resorted to shaming "traitors" by tying them to public posts. Statues were tied to posts in my anecdotes. The fragment was deleted but many students attending UW in the 2014-2015 school year are likely to have seen the school mascot tied to a lamp post as she, proudly I say, wore a flier. Please google "The "smart" lie," a video presentation of the flier, and an introduction to my economic reform argument.

     Note: Mr. Zelensky released statements claiming Ukraine will defeat Russia in 2024, AFTER I WAS BANNED FROM TWITTER. A stark contrast to his gloomy outlook earlier in the year. I am hoping the media will find the good will to publicize the story. The fire power between NATO, and RF+ allies, makes for automatic "END GAME FORMATION." The good people of the United States must understand theoretical miracles are one of few reasons our country has not yet been devastated by the war in Ukraine. 

     The short stories posted "@ ancient12000"may shed light on Mr. Putin’s hesitation to declare war on May 9th 2022. He has been trying to settle the war in Ukraine since 2022. His attention must have been garnered some time prior to the 3-day detainment of a You Tuber at the base of a rocket.


The central anecdote is of 3 live creatures, bearing 3 symbols i.e. two crosses, a fleur-de-lys and a rocket. I am a You Tuber. Holding a You Tuber hostage at the base of a rocket (as opposed to a detention center) for 3 days is nonsensical activity (or reporting) unless it was indirectly acknowledging receipt of story by Russia.


The mouse anecdote (not yet included on my website) is a true event discussed over lunch at a neuroscience assembly (2016) in a debate about animal cognition. MSN had reported Mr. Putin (P) chased rats and got chased by one as a boy.


If you scroll through “tweets and replies”, to a time near the early phases of the war, you will find stories of 3 dreams. If you are familiar with some of Mr. Putin’s benign behaviors, one of these dreams, and the true event, thereafter, must have hit a home run in Russia. (RF counterpart: ~P hires thug to poop on reporter's car.)

     From a mouse to 3 spiders and a poop incident, strange events were finding metaphorical tangents in the war. Listening to the news, I gave Mr. Putin a 60 to 80 % probability of nuclear deployment (see below for an explanation as to why.) Of course, efforts to enlist the Governments of China and India to help dissuade an RF nuclear strike, indicate the Biden administration was weary as well. I began telling my stories hoping providence led them to all parties involved for potential spiritual growth.

I briefly summarize why I believe the nuclear threats were not bluffs:

  1. Body health affects state of mind and controls choice. The news frequently reported signs that Mr. Putin was very ill.
  2. News reels were indicating corrupt Russian oligarchs had sold Russia’s weapons. The RF was flirting with losing the war due to western aid. The nukes were basically the only effective weapon Mr. Putin may have had left. Yes, it may have been both a FIRST and LAST response, but then again, if he was very ill and assumptively dying, then he was likely in a dark state of mind. Moreover, losing the war would have undermined his standing in Russia anyway. 
  3. As some of us know, Mr. Putin built a church in his birth town. Was Mr. Putin in the right frame of mind to take the book of Revelation a little too literally? Only he knows the truth, but I hope he someday enlightens us, so we may learn.
  4. Superpowers were falling into war formation. This is a naturally apocalyptic arrangement. War is the ultimate ego contest and many of the countries pulled into this potential "end game" scenario are nuclear nations. In the nuclear age, always count on the loser to go out with a statement (rules of thumb.) We are at a crossroads. World governments have but 2 choices: plunge the planet into apocalyptic warfare or seek sustainable solutions. Intelligent species only, survive technological development. Species ruled by ego and aggression take themselves out of the cosmic equation.  


I suspect the President, VP Harris and at least some members of Congress are familiar with the story.

     I maintained a consistent Monday, Thursday twitter presence. The last day I was able to post was a Thursday. Did you know the President and members of Congress coincidentally spent time in the chapel that morning? A little strange for a Thursday, would you not say? Has the administration become a little more overtly devout since the end of 2022?  News, social media posts, and behavioral transformations in the white house suggest I was able to reach someone within. Please note there is a similar spiritual transformation in Russia. Wars kill. We must draw a line between God and mass-murder events.

     @@ancient12000 was silenced on twitter. There are no limits to an individual's potential when free speech is allowed and empowered. My twitter activity illustrates the point, and those who know it, know it well. Unfortunately, these days we see a lot of effort to snuff dissenting opinion with disregard to sense or impact. That having been said, should something happen to me before I sort out my X account, I will it deleted. I downloaded the archive 2 days before it was frozen. If possible, I wish it uploaded to my You Tube channel (2youtext1). I expect they could eventually find a way to accommodate it. If not, then please post it to my truth social profile. I make the point because my efforts to keep Americans alive, by keeping them out of the war in Ukraine, naturally endanger me. Please do not allow the archive to be rerouted through twitter for content visibility.

The first amendment is the embodiment of freedom. While I agree there is much concerning rhetorical unrest, it is but a symptom of individual hardship, decaying education systems, and government rhetoric prone to stimulating division and hate. Moreover, a fraction of the population may be victims of environmental exposures that stimulate depression, aggression, and substance abuse. In “1000 Calls from a Modern Auschwitz. The War on the Poor" I introduce you to a building linked to black mold. For detail, please see

And on to the good news… Socio-economic arrangements that worked over previous decades are no longer doing well. However, systems are like people, to be born and thrive, but must be eventually retired. Today's challenges call us to keep it together and reinvent the world as we know it. We, the many, are good people. We must, can, and will find love, strength, wisdom, and the innovative spirit amongst ourselves if not in our governments.